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Heaven rest us, I'm not asbestos! [Jan. 21st, 2008|12:52 am]
[Current Location |couch]
[mood |bouncygiddy and too energetic]
[music |Ella + Louis - I Won't Dance]

I'm in such a damn good mood!
I DANCED TODAY!!! I went to a swing party and it was so much fun! This is cause for all caps and exclamation point abuse because, well yes, it was awesome, but, as many of you know, I haven't been able to dance in a damn long time! (Whether or not I can dance well is still in question!) Anyway, my knees have been shit for forever, and last year the muscle wasn't entirely built back up post-surgery and when I did dance it hurt. But today I wore my brace and was totally fine and it was so much fun! Ah! Happy Mugsie!!! Heeeee!

Afterward, I went to go see the L Word. Oh man. This is the only season I've actually enjoyed. They've finally stopped taking themselves seriously and so it's gotten so ridiculous that it's come around to being awesome! Helena's storyline is my favorite! Dusty is one tough chick!

Also,  BACON COOKIES! To everyone in Evanston, I'm sorry this is such old news! I've forced them on anyone that's not vegetarian. But that's because they're bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze! They're amazing! It's like the best breakfast ever (french toast with maple syrup and some cinnamon on top with a side of bacon) but in cookie form! I will be happy to make a batch with or for any of you that have not yet had the pleasure. >_^

Finally, QUIZ BOWL! Anna, Lana, Christine and I are all on a team for Quiz Bowl. As far as knowledge of the trivial goes, I have no idea how we'll fare, but one thing is for certain: our team wins at boob power. Hands down. Lana decided that combined, all boobs on the team are about equal to a small child. Team boobs 4 the win!

And ... oh man, I'm embarrassed about this one. I was using my myspace account to download songs and figured oh hell, I'm using the damn thing, I may as well post some pictures or whatever and make it semi-active. So. I'm actually on myspace now. *facepalm* ...Friend me?

Ok, so because I'm so gosh darn perky right now, I had a really hard time deciding which icon to use. The solution is to post them all!

For bacon cookies

For team boob power! Boobs 4 the win!

Because I feel like one hep cat!

[User Picture]From: hazelsteapot
2008-07-21 08:22 am (UTC)
Hay Mugsie! I see you found my journal. :) hoorays.

are you coming to teh Femme Con in August?
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[User Picture]From: sunquistadora
2008-07-21 11:36 pm (UTC)
Hooray :)
Yes, I am definitely going! You're doing a presentation there, right? I'm excited!
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