I Gave Myself to Sin, I Gave Myself to Providence

The State That I Am In

1 February 1988
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This was originally just for commenting on other people's stuff. Then I actually started writing here and had to amend that statement. Then I stopped writing here and had to amend that statement. Still with me? Ok - now, I'm back - sort of. Expect only very occasional postings. I'm mostly here to read my friends' journals, look at pretty icons, revel in the best fandom ever (indeedsir) and make a feeble attempt be more active in the online discussions on gender and all that good/bad stuff.

My Interests list annoys me because it's old and so it's definitely not the all the most current things I'm into, but I still like everything on the list, but if I had to list everything I liked, we'd be here for days. And I'd probably repeat myself a lot. I do that.

I hate bios.

Other than that, well let's see....
I guess this is where I'd credit the mood themes. I am so very happy with my mood theme mix.
All the Beatles, Dead Like Me, Sailor Moon, and Brian Kinney mood pictures come from crackified. Go there, you'll like it. The other ones I made. Tell me if you like them. It'll make me smile. :D
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